Digital Fabrication & Technology

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Track Leader
Max Jarosz, Director of Fabrication

The MSA in Digital Fabrication and Technology [DFaT] will equip students with critical skill sets for the rapidly changing AEC (Architectural Engineering and Construction) industry. Students will gain hands-on experience with robotics, 3d printing, parametric design, and research emerging technologies such as AI + Machine Learning.

The program strives to provide students with access to industry partnerships for applied research opportunities and a variety of careers in architecture, fabrication and construction. Internally, the application potential and societal relevance of digital fabrication will be addressed through the exchange with students and faculty from other MSA tracks.

Students who seek to deepen and summarize their research in the form of a written master thesis can do so during an additional fourth semester.

Non-thesis option - 30 credits
Thesis option - 36 credits

01 Fall

4 Courses / 12 Credits

ARC 629
Research in Design Methods (3)

ARC 656
Parametric Tectonics (3)

ARC 699
Directed Research (3)

02 Spring

3 Courses / 12 Credits

ARC 609
Design Studio
Research Studio or PAIR (6)

ARC 681
Special Problems
Emergent Methods (3)

ARC 682
Special Problems
Independent Study (3)

03 Summer

1 Course / 6 Credits

ARC 610
Design Degree Project (6)

04 (Optional) Fall

1 Course / 6 Credits

ARC 810
Master's Thesis (6)