Hospitality Design

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The hospitality industry is a foundational building block of modern urban centers. Hospitality has emerged in the last 10 years as a critical area of lifestyle innovation and brand development as well as a laboratory for the application of new ideas about resilience and sustainability. U-SoA’s new MSA in Hospitality Design provides a climate-specific and multi-disciplinary foundation for students who are interested to develop their careers in this field.

Next to a hospitality-focused studio and seminar, the students follow a course about tropical architecture. The intersection between research and design will be emphasized through the participation in an additional research studio, or, alternatively, through the implementation of an internship.

Students who seek to deepen and summarize the research component of their work in the form of a written master thesis can do so during an additional fourth semester.

Miami, as one of the major US hotel and hospitality markets, is well-suited as a center of research and practical application of hospitality design. Many local architectural firms specialize in hospitality design and export these services within the region and around the world.

Non-thesis option - 30 credits
Thesis option - 36 credits

01 Fall

4 Courses / 15 Credits

ARC 608
Design Studio
Hospitality (6)

ARC 629
Research in Design Methods (3)

ARC 664
Intro to Hotel Design and Development (3)

ARC 699
Directed Research (3)

02 Spring

2 Courses / 9 Credits

ARC 609
Design Studio
Research Studio or PAIR (6)

ARC 640
Tropical Architecture (3)

03 Summer

1 Course / 6 Credits

ARC 610
Design Degree Project (6)

04 (Optional) Fall

1 Course / 6 Credits

ARC 810
Master's Thesis (6)