Design Studios - M.Arch I AP (Master of Architecture with Advanced Standing 2-year track)

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ARC 607
Inaugural Studio

Design Studio based course addressing complex and ambitious topics related with the built environment, the ability to prepare and solve a program through design, materials, technique, technology, social human-centered aspects of architecture, structure, architecture as light and space, site and context and environmental issues.

ARC 608
Integrated Studio

Advanced Design Studio focusing on skills associated with making integrated architectural design decisions across multiple systems. Design decisions within a complex architectural project will focus on the consideration and broad integration of environmental stewardship, technical documentation, accessibility, site conditions, life safety, environmental systems, structural systems, and building envelope systems and assemblies.

ARC 610
Architecture Design Degree Project

The Architecture Design Degree Project studio offers two options:
1) an independent design research project (design thesis) on a topic selected and developed by the student
or 2) a graduate research studio. Design Thesis is an opportunity for each student, working with a faculty advisor, to define an individual position with regard to the discipline of Architecture. The graduate research studio, led by a faculty member, will investigate relevant or thematic issues of architecture. All graduating students will be required to present their Degree Project, comprising research, analysis and creative work, as a book.